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Sensory-Friendly Pumpkin Time

I've written about the H-word before....Halloween. Now, I'm not going to get all religious on you because for some time, we didn't celebrate or recognize the day. We've changed and now take FULL advantage to share the love of Christ. Also, my sons refuse to dress in black, bloody, demonic costumes. So, we dress in… Continue reading Sensory-Friendly Pumpkin Time

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7 Weeks

Today, my boy joined a community of incredible children and parents and participated in the Georgia Race for Autism. This was our second year. I never knew if he wanted so much attention on that word that causes him so much anxiety, so much anger, so much WORK. But we did it to encourage, show… Continue reading 7 Weeks

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Jadon with Latin

My son LOVES Latin. The one who's been in speech therapy for 10 years - and it's incredible to watch him decline nouns and translate vocabulary from Latin to English.  WOW! My youngest started Classical Conversations a few years ago - his brother is on year 8 - and loved it. He loved the songs,… Continue reading Jadon with Latin

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That day your autistic son pushes past his own fears and steps into something that's SO out of his comfort zone.....AND NAILS IT! First HalfY'all!!! Our son went to my dear college alum's, University of Georgia's, opening game today with his amazing dad! Loud screams, announcers, music, crowds, 90 degrees, a mile walk, & all!… Continue reading TOUCHDOWN with DAD

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Tips for Classical Conversations Challenge A/B

This is our 7th year of Classical Conversations, so I guess I could be considered a veteran now? When we started CC, I had the "deer in the headlights" look for years. By about year 3, I was following, seeing my kids learn, and started trusting the process. Now that Foundations and Essentials are behind… Continue reading Tips for Classical Conversations Challenge A/B

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Position Yourself

Over the past few weeks, I've been on the receiving end of various disgruntled human people. I attempted helping the disgruntled as best I could, knowing it hadn't helped any, if, at all. Some remained disgruntled and angry because they didn't have their way, some honked because I wasn't driving fast enough, and some never even… Continue reading Position Yourself